The Cure (2016)

Robert Smith et al. kicked off their U.S. tour this week in New Orleans with a 28-song set that included several highlights: the first performance of ​“All I Want” in 30 years, the first performance of ​“A Letter to Elise” in 8 years, and a performance of ​“Burn” from The Crow soundtrack. But of special note was their performance of two new songs, ​“Step Into the Light” and ​“It Can Never Be the Same,” and I daresay they’re some of the best material The Cure has produced in quite some time.

It’s been nearly a decade since The Cure released their last album, 2008’s middling 4:13 Dream. As recently as 2014, Smith was saying that The Cure were working on a new album tentatively titled 4:14 Scream that featured new guitarist Reeves Gabrels, and it was going to be a mix of new material and unused 4:13 Dream material.

Regarding the two new songs, they seem to hearken back to the band’s strongest moments, even reminiscent of 1992’s Wish at points (a very good thing in my book). This is particularly true of ​“It Can Never Be the Same,” in which swirling guitars and synths, a solid Simon Gallup bassline, and Smith’s pining voice brood and build over six minutes in the finest Cure fashion. This track alone has me excited for whatever new release comes down the pipe from the band. Hopefully, we’ll learn — and hear — more as the band continues on their tour.