The 2006 TIFF Schedule Is Here!

The Toronto International Film Festival announced their official schedule earlier today, and so I’ve spent a good amount of time carefully going through the film list, juggling screenings and locations, and trying to figure out how to get the most bang for my buck. In other words, woo hoo!

Unfortunately, the downside to all of this is finding out which films I won’t be able to see, due to scheduling conflicts, our departure date, etc. Certain films, such as Invisible Waves and The Host are absolute must-sees, and so any conflicting films automatically get the boot.

What kills me are the films that I’ll miss because we’re leaving the second-to-last day of the festival. I’m especially bummed that I won’t get to see Feng Xiaogang’s The Banquet, a wuxia-fied take on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, since it’s only playing on the 15th and 16th (we’re leaving the morning of the 15th).

Ah, the frustrations of the film festival.