Well, Rebecca dropped the gauntlet, I picked it up, and here we go. I consider myself tagged.

10 Years Ago: I was starting my sophomore year of college. I had just lost my Regent’s Scholarship (I had a 3.4 GPA instead of the requisite 3.5, and they don’t have academic probation for Regent’s scholarships), which meant I was entering the wonderful world of student loans. I was living in a one bedroom apartment with a guy I’d just met that summer — and his fiance. And I had just discovered the Web, and while I thought it was all very cool and all, I had no idea that it would eventually become one of the great passions of my life.

5 Years Ago: I had been out of college for a year or so. I was living in one of the many apartments that I would inhabit. Opus is going strong. This is during the long “post-college/pre-marriage” stretch of my life, where all of the years are fairly interchangeable.

1 Year Ago: I was dating the first girl I’d dated in years and things were going quite smoothly. In fact, we’d just begun discussing the potential of marriage, and amazingly enough, it didn’t feel nearly as terrifying as I thought it would.

Yesterday: Walked home after doing the white collar thing. Renae and I had a very pleasant walk to Runza for dinner (our refrigerator is currently dead and we have little food in the house). Paid some bills and felt very grown up. Watched three episodes of Lost and am now facing up to the reality that I may be addicted to this show.

5 Snacks I Enjoy: Dark chocolate M&Ms, iced animal crackers (pink icing, natch), Starbursts, ice cream bars, honey grain Wheatables.

5 Songs I Know All The Words To: Sufjan Stevens — “Casimir Pulaski Day”, Lift To Experience — “Waiting To Hit”, U2 — “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, Sir Mixalot — “Baby Got Back” (or most of them, any way), The Cure (nearly all of their songs).

5 Things I’d Do With 100 Million Dollars: Tithe, pay off all of our loans and debts, set my parents up right, buy some new toys, try to work Opus full-time.

5 Places I’d Run Away To: Japan, Ireland, Tuscany, Antarctica, My grandparents’ farm the way it was when I was a kid.

5 Things I’d Never Wear: Jeans (haven’t work a pair since junior high, have no intention of starting anytime soon — yes, I’m a pinko commie liberal), Husker gear, cowboy boots, anything with the words “Tommy Hilfiger” printed anywhere on them (I’m sooooo indie), and sandals (with or without socks).

5 Favorite TV Shows: M*A*S*H, Firefly, Freaks & Geeks, Spaced, and Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

5 Biggest Joys: Discovering one of those bands/CDs/movies/books/concerts/etc. that speaks to me in a way that I can barely explain and yet feel compelled to, rediscovering a truth that I’d long forgotten, walking home and realizing that my wife is waiting for me, late night conversations with friends that range from Russian literature to Japanese horror to systematic theology to the joys of chocolate pudding, and seeing a design come together in a way I didn’t expect.

5 Favorite Toys: My computers, my digital camera, my DVD player, my XBox, and the magic bag (not really a toy per se, but I never go anywhere without it).

5 Suckers, er, Folks I’m Passing This Onto: Dena, Jared, Zalm, Trae, and Josh. Make me proud!