Sunday Tidbits

I just finished watching a bit of The Princess Blade and as far as I’m concerned, this movie can’t come out in the States fast enough. It’s a brilliant movie, and surprisingly moving for what seems like another “woman with a sword” flick.

The trailer for the new Samurai X DVD that comes out this week is a real treat. I’ve yet to watch the Rurouni Kenshin series, but I loved the “Samurai X” OVAs that came out a few years back (read my reviews here and here), and this promises more of the same.

AICN recently posted some details concerning the upcoming sequel to Battle Royale. If these turn out to be true, this could possibly be one of the most outrageous and insane movies in recent history, which is really saying something since the original was pretty insane to begin with. This is the kind of movie that American studios won’t touch with a 10 foot pole, so it looks like we’ll have to wait for yet another DVD release.

The new Joy Electric album comes out this week. For some sweet analog goodness, check out an MP3 from the record.