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I first heard of the small Brussels-based label Stilll when they released Off the Sky’s It Is Impossible To Say Just What I Mean (one of my fave CDs from last year). Despite having only a handful of releases under their belt, they’re already planning to start two new branches of their label to deal with all of the demos they’ve been receiving.

According to their latest e-mail newsletter, the first will be a partnership with Teun Verbruggen, and will be focused on more jazz-oriented releases. The second will focus on “cinematic/ambient/experimental” releases. In an effort to raise money for these new endeavors, they’re proposing a subscription service of sorts. 50 euroes/year (approx. $63.83 for us Yanks) will get 5 new releases. 100 euroes/year (approx. $127.67 for us Yanks) will get your 5 new releases plus a share in the label.

There’s no word if these subscription plans will actually take effect, or if they do, when they will. But it’s an interesting idea, not unlike Darla’s various subscriptions.

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