Star Wars Cinematics

E3 — arguably the most important gaming expo in the world — is upon us, which means lots of bright, shiny trailers for games of all shapes and sizes. In years past, I would spend a considerable amount of time going through all of the trailers, but not so much anymore. Put simply, most video games just don’t interest me anymore. However, one sure way to piqué my curiosity is to release a video game in the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars is a perfect gaming franchise. The franchise’s mythology and universe are big enough to allow numerous games and storylines, you can roll out games in multiple genres (e.g., FPS, role-playing, strategy), and there’s the added bonus that a Star Wars game will likely be more entertaining than the prequels combined.

Two Star Wars games — The Force Unleashed 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic — released trailers at this year’s E3, and they’re packed with lovely cinematic CGI action.

To put it simply, if they made a Star Wars movie in the vein of cinematics like these two, I’d see it. I’d be there on opening day.

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