Son of a Preacher Man

You’d think that having a blog would mean all sorts of frequent updates, wouldn’t you? Oh well… all sorts of cool stuff is starting to pop up.

First of all, the trailer for the new Star Wars movie is now online. Yes, yes… The Phantom Menace was less than stellar, but I still got excited when I watched the new trailer. The new movie is supposed to be a lot darker, and it certainly looks that way from the trailer, especially in the short bit at the end.

Do yourself a favor and check out the latest issue of The Brain. They’ve got some stellar reviews of the new Hood and Locust discs, along with some soundclips that make me want these albums even more.

Here’s a couple of interesting things that I read over the weekend. The first is an article on Jay Bakker, the son of Jimmy Bakker (you know, the televangelist) and the second is an excerpt from his book. After surviving his family’s breakup and ignominy, he’s gone on to start a ministry geared towards reaching those the Church has shunned and marginalized. I had a chance to see Bakker speak at Cornerstone, and the man has some great things to say that the Church needs to hear.

The third article is an introduction that Nick Cave (yes, that Nick Cave) wrote for a new edition of The Gospel of Mark. In it, he goes into great detail about his own beliefs and his fascination with the humanity and sorrow of Christ. It’s an interesting read, especially coming from a man whose music is characterized by its dark look at life, love, faith, and death.

My friend Clint just got a job in a record store. I’m so jealous. If any of my coworkers read this, don’t get me wrong… I love my job. But just thinking about the discounts he gets makes me green.

Hey, keep your eyes peeled, otherwise you won’t know what hit you. Expect to be slapped upside the head with new movie reviews this week. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.