Something I Suppose

Just finished up a few more tweaks to the ol’ site. I just can’t seem to stop tinkering with stuff. As usual, you won’t see too much of a difference to the site… it’s more for my peace of mind than anything else. And who knows??? I might actually get around to posting some real content this weekend.

It’s not often that a movie trailer gives me goosebumps, but this one did.

Friday night = Iron Monkey. Ah yeah…

On a more serious note… it seems as if the tragedies of September 11 have spawned a bumper crop of e-mail hoaxes, be it the last photo taken from the World Trade Center or a Halloween attack on America’s malls. In light of September 11 (which still seems like a bad hoax at times), some of these might sound incredibly plausible. But let’s not lose our heads.

If an e-mail reads like a bad X-Files episode, chances are it shouldn’t be taken as gospel truth, especially if it originated from a “friend of a friend.”

Before you send that message on to friends and family, check it against this site. They’ll be glad you did.

Let’s fight the good fight… without filling up each other’s inboxes with half-truths and rumors.

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