Something Comes Our Way

Whilst working on the wedding programs (which look pretty sweet, if I do say so myself), a lovely little song popped up on my iTunes. I knew I’d heard it before, but for some reason I couldn’t quite place it. Turns out it was “Snol” by Balún, a Puerto Rican trio whose debut EP I reviewed last December. The music’s charm was still intact all these months later, and I found myself getting entranced as the group’s crystalline guitars drifted over glitched-out female voices, accordions, and bleepy, bloopy synth programs. (But don’t take my word for it — download the EP for yourself.)

Curious to see what the trio was up to, I traipsed on over to their website. Turns out, they’ve got a new album due out sometime this summer entitled Something Comes Our Way. The album’s due to be released by Austria’s Skylab Operations, though I couldn’t find any mention of the CD on the label’s website. Anyone have the 411?

Read more about Balún.
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