Slowdive Reissues, or The Best News I’ve Heard All Week (And It’s Only Monday)


Late last year, I ranted and raved about Catch The Breeze, an excellent compilation of Slowdive’s entire discography. Well, the fine folks at Sanctuary Records aren’t through with Slowdive yet. They’re planning to reissue all three of Slowdive’s records — Just For A Day, Souvlaki, and wonder of wonders, the hugely underrated Pygmalion. I believe this is where today’s kids would exclaim with a mighty “w00t”!

Just For A Day and Souvlaki will be two-disc affairs, the second disc brimming with b‑sides, rare singles, and remixes. That’s right, no more hours spent scouring Ebay, thrift stores, and used record shops for the Blue Day EP for me!

All three releases come out November 21. Between these and the new Sound Gallery and Off The Sky discs, my fetish for all sounds atmospheric and drifty should be quite sated for awhile.

Once again, I say w00t! And thanks to Pitchfork for the 411.

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