Silber Records

Not exactly sure when it happened, but I just chanced across Silber Records’ website and saw that’s undergone a slight redesign. Nothing terribly flashy, but it seems to look a bit better in my browser, at least.

As far as drone/experimental/improv stuff goes, Silber is pretty tops in my book. Just glimpsing through their catalog reveals a number of solid releases, including both of Aarktica’s releases (as far as I’m concerned, No Solace In Sleep is a drone classic), Kobi, If Thousands, Origami Arktika, and Rollerball.

If you’re curious, there are plenty of MP3s from which to sample. I’m listening to Aarktica’s “Elena” right now, which is as gorgeous and endless as I remembered it. Before that, it was a track from Rollerball’s latest, a bizarre little collage that resembles nothing so much as a carnival procession/cabaret act gone horribly awry.

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