Silber Records

Not exactly sure when it happened, but I just chanced across Silber Records’ website and saw that’s undergone a slight redesign. Nothing terribly flashy, but it seems to look a bit better in my browser, at least.

As far as drone/​experimental/​improv stuff goes, Silber is pretty tops in my book. Just glimpsing through their catalog reveals a number of solid releases, including both of Aarkticas releases (as far as I’m concerned, No Solace In Sleep is a drone classic), Kobi, If Thousands, Origami Arktika, and Rollerball.

If you’re curious, there are plenty of MP3s from which to sample. I’m listening to Aarktica’s ​“Elena” right now, which is as gorgeous and endless as I remembered it. Before that, it was a track from Rollerball’s latest, a bizarre little collage that resembles nothing so much as a carnival procession/​cabaret act gone horribly awry.