Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer, Stephen Chow

Wasn’t it a year ago that Shaolin Soccer was supposed to come in theatres, before getting pushed back again and again? All the while, Miramax was making little “adjustments,” such as editing the film (usual behavior for those guys), adding a hip-hop soundtrack, dubbing it in English, and changing the title. Well, not it all seems for naught as test audiences flew the modified version back in Miramax’s face.

Sooooooo… they’re releasing the original version into select theatres on September 5. Or are they?

Whatever the case, if the subtitled version of Shaolin Soccer does show in your area, please go see it. It’s an awesome film (as I’ve said time and time again), and it deserves far better than what it’s received. Hopefully, if Shaolin Soccer is enough of a success, it will prompt Miramax to pull their thumbs out of their butts and do a proper job with Hero and all of the other Asian films they’ve picked up for “distribution.”

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