Satoshi Kon’s Last Words

Shortly after his death, Satoshi Kon’s family posted these final words on his blog.
Satoshi Kon

Last week, acclaimed anime filmmaker Satoshi Kon died at the age of 46 from pancreatic cancer. Shortly after his death, his family posted his final words on his blog, which thankfully, Makiko Itoh has translated into English.

It’s a long, rambling post that touches on a number of topics, from coming to terms with his impending death to thanking his wife and friends, from regrets regarding his work to an absolutely heartbreaking final moment with his parents:

But then I came back home and survived the pneumonia. I made the big decision to see my parents. They wanted to see me too. But it was going to be so hard to see them, and I didn’t have the will to. But I wanted to see my parents’ faces one last time. I wanted to tell them how grateful I was that they brought me into this world.

I’ve been a happy person. Even though I must apologize to my wife, my parents and all the people that I love, that lived out my life a bit too faster than most.

My parents followed my selfish wishes, and came the next day from Sapporo to my house. I can never forget the first words out of my mother’s mouth when she saw me lying there.

“I’m so sorry, for not bringing you into this world with a stronger body!“

I was completely speechless.

I could only spend a short time with my parents, but that was enough. I had felt that if I saw their faces, that it would be enough, and it really turned out that way.

Thank you, Father, Mother. I am so happy that I was born into this world as the child of the both of you. My heart is full of memories and gratitude. Happiness itself is important, but I am so grateful that you taught me to appreciate happiness. Thank you, so very much.

What a man. He will be missed.

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