Royale with Cheese

First of all, I just posted a review of Battle Royale, one of the most controversial (and powerful) movies to come out of Japan in recent history. I’ve had this review sitting around for awhile now, but I didn’t want to publish it until I felt it really did the movie justice. I just watched it again tonight, and I feel even more convicted about it.

My friend Clint is back from being on the road with Bright Eyes, and it was great hearing all of the stories… hanging out with Winona Ryder, meeting Michael Stipe, playing for Bob Dylan, etc. I wonder how he’s going to adjust, now that he’s no longer living the rock n’ roll (i.e., whiskey n’ hookers) lifestyle.

Also, snow has finally come to Lincoln. Unfortunately, it’s not the white, fluffy kind that makes you want to go sledding or make snow angels. No, we get the wet, sticky kind that coats your car and freezes your doors shut. Winter wonderland my arse…

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