Rock n’ Roll

I’ll be out of town this weekend as my band hits the road. In other words, no new reviews. Once I get back next week, I hope to get some new stuff up here for your reading pleasure… including those long-awaited band photos!

Right now, I’m listening to Plone, which might just be the most underrated group on Warp’s roster. If you dug those old “Switched On Bach” records that your parents had, or just dig lots of analog synth goodness, then this album is for you. Don’t believe me? Well, just click here.

I just got finished watching Shaolin Soccer with a friend. I’ve seen this movie so many times in the past week, and every time, I like it even more. I hate to keep rubbing everyone’s noses in this, especially since you can’t buy it in the U.S. anymore. Here’s hoping that it isn’t butchered when it’s released domestically… please, please don’t change the lounge or egg scenes.

You know, I sure do my fair share of anti-Hollywood raving. But I did see some pretty darn good movies this year, a fact of which this article reminded me… I forgot that films like In The Mood For Love and The Others came out in 2001, films that make you forget “Freddy Got Fingered” ever existed. And dang it, when is Donnie Darko going to come to Lincoln.

Well, that’s about all for now. The life of a rock star beckons me, and I must answer. See you next week.