Right Stuf Deals

Just perusing through the latest deals and offerings from Right Stuf International, and saw some items of note. First off, the Witch Hunter Robin Complete Collection is on sale for a measly $89.99 — which is quite a steal, IMHO. Witch Hunter Robin is one of the finer anime series I’ve seen in recent years, with a real strong style and atmosphere, great design and animation, and a pretty engrossing plot (my review is here).

Also, the first three box sets of Macross, Super Dimensional Fortress are on sale for $37.99 each. And since I’ve already professed my love for all things Last Exile, I am compelled to note that the limited edition of Volume 1, which include an art box and a collectible Alvis figurine, is on sale for $34.99.

I am not affiliated with Right Stuf in any way. I’m just spreading the news to those who might be interested.

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