Return of The Waterfall Effect (Maybe)

I’ve really been slacking off on migrating all of Opus’ old music reviews to ExpressionEngine since I made the switch back in December of 2006. I’ve now got my ass back in gear and have be making slow, but steady progress with the archives (700+ done, 300 left to go).

Working my way through the old reviews, some of them originally written back in my college days when Opus was a struggling webzine, has been quite the nostalgic experience. I’ve come across many reviews of musicians and bands who have since, for the most part, faded into obscurity. Indeed, the reviews here on Opus are some of the few online documents that might exist for these artists and their music (which makes me all the more anxious to get the reviews back on the site).

One of these artists is The Waterfall Effect, the ambient/shoegazer project of John Kupchik. The Waterfall Effect released a self-made album entitled Souvenir From A Dream back in 2001, as well as a couple of earlier EPs such as Japanese Heterophony.

But that was all six years ago, and there’s been nary a musical peep from Kupchik since (but he has a pretty good excuse for the silence — getting his PhD and teaching classes at the University of Hawai’i). However, it looks like the silence might end this summer. According to his MySpace page, some new recordings have been worked on. What’s more, a release is planned for the summer of 2007.

There aren’t any new songs posted on his MySpace page, but you can listen to one track from Souvenir From A Dream, and one from a 1998 EP titled Parallel Thoughts (which I knew nothing about until now).

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