I came across the website for Canada-based label Resplendent while trying to find out some more information on the latest Angelmark CD (which Tonevendor is praising to high heaven). The website has a couple of MP3s (one is full-length, the others are clips) from Angelmark’s self-titled debut and yes, it’s pretty gorgeous stuff.

The full-length track, “Equidistant Trees,” is lovely piece of ether-bliss a la early Love Spirals Downwards, with maybe a hint of Hammock’s lovely recent EP. You know what I’m talking about — layers of shimmery acoustic guitars, well, shimmer and flutter about while a keening electric soars high overhead all stratospheric-like.

The site also has a link to Titania’s website. Whereas Angelmark is the solo project of Michael Turner, Titania is a collaboration with vocalist Mandy Cousins, whose voice graces tracks such as “Digitaria.” I must admit to being a bit surprised by Cousins’ voice, which is a little lower and throatier than many dreampop vocalists out there. However, fans of any of the aforementioned groups, or of Projekt’s brand of darkwave in general, will probably find much to like here.

Read more about Resplendent.
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