Remake This

Anyone who is into Asian cinema might find this little article interesting, as it details Hollywood’s increasing desire to remake Asian films. I guess it’s inevitable, and the only solace I can think of is that the original films might be released in conjunction with the remake (as is the case with The Ring DVD coming out in a few months).

Still, speaking as someone with a sizable Asian film fetish, I find this practice really disturbing and weak. I long to see more Asian films released on the big screen, since I believe that truly great films transcend language and culture. I would love to round up all of my friends and head out to see My Sassy Girl or Infernal Affairs at the local cineplex, but the closest I’ll probably get is showing them in my living room on Sunday nights.

What really chaps my hide, however, is Miramax’ continued track record for butchering the films it releases, either through editing or cheesy dubbing. I’m really worried about Shaolin Soccer and especially Hero, worried about how these films will be cheapened by Miramax’ attempts to make them more marketable. That’s why I really love this article, an open letter to the head honcho of Miramax.

As one of the “vibrant and dedicated” fans she talks about, I would love to fill Miramax’ pockets with my hard-earned cash, but not if it means my friends and I have to sit through some hack job like those Jet Li DVDs. Until then, however, it looks I’ll be spending my money on imports.

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