Reading Comics on an iPad

Jason Snell loves reading comics on his iPad Pro:

[I]f there’s an ideal comic-reading iPad, it’s the new 11-inch model. That new aspect ratio, which is taller when held vertically, gives comics far more room to breathe. And the device is thin and light enough to be held comfortably with one hand while reading, which isn’t really the case with the larger model. I’m sticking with my 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but the size increase on the smaller model makes it a much closer thing.

He also discusses several methods and services for reading comics, including Amazon’s Comixology, Marvel Unlimited, and Chunky Comic Reader.

I do most of my comic reading these days on my Kindle Fire HD. I’d love to read comics on an iPad and an iPad Pro would undoubtedly outclass my Kindle in nearly every way but my Kindle was only $50 as opposed to $300+ for a refurbished iPad, so I’m good with it.

Like Snell, I’ve used Comixology quite a bit, but one service that Snell doesn’t mention is Hoopla, which may be available for free with your library card.

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