Prachya Pinkaew’s Chocolate: The Most Kick-Ass Film of the Year?

A few years ago, Prachya Pinkaew directed a little film called Ong-Bak (my review), a film that had cinematic martial arts fans absolutely beside themselves with joy due to its insane stuntwork and bone-crunching action (thanks, in large part, to Tony Jaa).

His follow-up, Tom Yum Goong (my review), wasn’t quite as good as Ong-Bak. But at it’s best, it still conjured up the same thrills that one finds in Jackie Chan’s classic films (i.e., the Police Story series).

And now, he’s back with a new film entitled Chocolate. Pinkaew and Jaa had a falling out awhile back, so the actor handing cinematic beat-downs this time around is Nicharee Vismistananda, and let me tell you — this girl is something else.

Of course, Twitch has more details — as well as the first trailer.

I’ve seen a lot of martial arts films, and so sometimes, I feel like I’ve seen it all before. Not so with Chocolate, no sirree. This film looks, to put it bluntly and literally, absolutely kick-ass. Vismistananda has got some moves, and the stuntwork here looks just as amazing as Ong-Bak’s.

What’s more, they’ve included some actual bloopers in the trailer (like the ones Jackie Chan always puts at the end of his movies), so you can see exactly what these folks went through — stitches, concussions, broken bones, etc. — just so you can watch an awesome movie.

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