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Podcast: Unpacking Anime’s Thematic and Spiritual Depth

The latest episode of the Postmodern Realities podcast features yours truly discussing animé: how I first discovered animé and became a fan of it, popular titles and influential directors, the diversity that exists within animé, and even how animé depicts Christianity. It was a lot of fun to do, so thanks to Melanie Cogdill for the invitation.

Fun/​awkward personal note: After we finished recording, I was suddenly struck with anxiety that I’d mispronounced ​“Studio Ghibli” throughout the entire thing. (But I didn’t. Whew.)

This appearance is a follow-up of sorts to a 2014 article that I wrote for the Christian Research Journal in which I discussed animé’s origins and growth in popularity, as well as several titles that might be of particular interest for Christians.

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