Pitying Our President

I don’t hate Donald Trump but I do pity him.
Donald Trump
(Gage SkidmoreCC BY-SA 2.0)

Based on my other Trump-related posts, you might think that I hate the man. Admittedly, there have been times when I’ve felt my heart heading in that direction — which is a sin that I need to confess when it happens. I hate his behavior, everything he represents, and what he’s done to our government and country, but I do my best to not hate Trump as a fellow human being.

Rather, I do my best to pity him. Not out of pride in my own character, but rather, because I simply cannot imagine living life in such a petty, vindictive manner. And I pray for him.

I pray that God grants him wisdom while he’s in office, that God removes him from office as quickly as possible, and finally, that God humbles him. Not because I want to enjoy some schadenfreude or to see him get his comeuppance. (OK, sometimes I do, which is also a sin that I need to confess.) But because can you imagine a greater witness to God’s grace and mercy than if a man like Trump were to perform a complete 180 in this lifetime?

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