“Palomino” by Heligoland

The Paris-based dreampop outfit has released a music video for their new single.

Back in 2018, I discovered Heligoland, a Paris-based Australian dreampop band that has frequently collaborated with Robin Guthrie. As I wrote in my review of 2017’s excellent Coriallo, Heligoland “pick up right where Guthrie’s Cocteau Twins left off, albeit with a solemnity that’s reminiscent of Low’s glacial compositions.”

Although Heligoland’s next album, This Quiet Fire (their fifth collaboration with Guthrie), won’t be released until February 12, the trio’s already released a video for the album’s first single, “Palomino.”

Directed by Irina de Bertier, the video’s lushly abstract visuals of dragonflies and forest ponds is a suitable companion to the band’s dreamy sounds (e.g., all of those shimmering guitar chords and echoing notes, Karen Vogt’s rich, dramatic voice). And of course, just as the song gets going, it fades away, leaving you wanting more.

If you’re at all a fan of the “classic 4AD” sound, then this is basically must-hear material.