Every so often, I come across a site that just stops me dead in my tracks. Something about the design just clicks with me, and either makes me want to give up HTML altogether and never fire up Photoshop ever again or inspires me to bigger and better things (and oftentimes, it’s a bit of both). In the past, such sites have included What Do I Know, Shaun Inman, Justwatchthesky, Nundroo, and DesignChapel.

Today, it’s Coda.Coza, the personal site of South African designer Damien du Toit. Something about it, the layout, the fonts used, the dark, grungy background, just works for me. And perusing his portfolio, it’s obvious du Toit’s no one-trick pony. I’m especially fond of this one, which I’d come across several months ago, though I hadn’t realized du Toit was the man responsible.

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