One Day Down

I’ve spent the last 13 – 14 hours immersed in the events that took place in New York and Washington D.C. earlier today. Newsfeeds, web coverage, broadband video, radio… I’ve found myself glued to whatever device was within reach, hoping to learn more and be able to make sense of it all. How do I cope with this senselessness as a human, an American, a Christian?

My heart breaks for the rescue crews who have begun the long, painful task of sifting through the rubble, looking for those who can be saved. They’re going to be facing horrors that most of us can only imagine. Heroes, each and every one of them.

I’m normally a cynic when it comes to human nature, but that’s been pushed aside from the outpouring of concern and love that I’ve seen today. And a lot of it took place on that most impersonal of media, the Internet. Websites ranging from geek domains to movie rumor sites fought the good fight with news and condolences. People opened up their websites to those looking for news of loved ones. Those who were trapped used instant messaging to get the word out as the disaster unfolded. And mailing lists and chat rooms were filled with offers to help those affected by the tragedies.

When we wake up tomorrow, the sadness will still be there, much like the smoke that still fills New York’s sky. But it’s beautiful to see people working together, be it with shovels and searchlights or keyboards and modems. And no amount of butchery will ever affect that.

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