Old Bear Records’ Vinyl Reissue of All the Bright Lights 2009 Debut

The band’s soaring, inspirational post-rock should appeal to fans of Hammock, Tristeza, and The Album Leaf.

Old Bear Records continues with its string of reissuing overlooked and under-appreciated gems. Following last year’s reissues of Twin Sister and Soulfood 76 — two curious albums from ’90s-era indie Christian music circles that I never thought would see the light of day again — the label has reissued the 2009 self-titled debut of All the Bright Lights, a North Carolina-based instrumental post-rock band.

From the press release:

All The Bright Lights was a North Carolina based trio that quickly made a name for themselves with alt rock and indie fans due to their unique brand of melodic swirling guitars, brooding arrangements, sonic patchwork, and a masterful approach to writing and performing instrumental music that cuts right to the heart. Members James Duke, Jon Duke, and Jacob Arnold’s musical chemistry is still ear candy for the music lover and we simply couldn’t be more excited to add this release to our growing instrumental Old Bear catalog. All the Bright Lights’ debut album will be a delight for fans of the Cure, the Smiths, Radiohead, Swervedriver, and Arcade Fire.

To those aforementioned comparisons, I’ll add some more: I think All the Bright Lights’ soaring, inspirational post-rock will also appeal to fans of Hammock, Tristeza, and The Album Leaf, particularly on songs like “Chest of Drawers” and “Wilora Lake.” Also, fans of modern worship music may recognize James Duke’s name; he’s played with the likes of John Mark McMillan, Passion Band, Matt Redman, and Elevation Worship.

The All the Bright Lights vinyl reissue can be ordered from Light In The Attic.

In related news, Old Bear Records will be releasing Unwed Sailor’s Look Alive on June 10.