Oh, There’s the Outrage

As a followup to my earlier, Janet Jackson-inspired rant, I present you with these, actual e‑mails sent to the FCC in the aftermath of the Super Bowl, courtesy of The Smoking Gun.

The e‑mails run the gamut of reactions, from fearing God’s wrath on America Falwell-style, to encouraging the FCC to look at more pressing concerns than Janet’s breast, to questioning whether the Super Bowl really is a “family event.”

Personally, I found rather interesting that several e‑mails included the phrase “I’m not a prude, but.…” For Pete’s sake people, just say what you mean! You don’t need to qualify your opinions like that. And frankly, I think I’m now more appalled at the atrocious grammar and spelling skills of Americans than I am at any moral decline due to Ms. Jackson.

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