Now In Black?

I might have indicated this before, but just in case you missed it, I really, really like my iMac. It’s been almost a year, but the machine is still as fast as ever (and that display is still as gorgeous as ever). I sometimes wonder how much time I’ve lost in productivity due to staring at the shiny thing.

I picked up the 20″ version in April of 2006, which was the largest model available at the time. Several months later, Apple introduced a 24″ version, which had me drooling afresh. And now, there are rumors that Apple might be releasing a new 24″ version, this time in black, ninja-style — which is even more drool-worthy.

Of course, as with all things Apple-related, mum’s bound to be the word right up until the moment they actually release the thing (if they do, that is). But given that Apple has released black iPods and MacBooks, it doesn’t strike me as all that implausible.

I won’t joke about how I might just be getting a new computer later this year, as I still very much like my iMac — that, and I probably won’t be able to afford a new computer for quite some time. However, should you be looking for a new machine, I can’t recommend the iMac enough, and it’s good to see that the product is likely to continue to evolve and not be overshadowed by some of the company’s other upcoming products.