No More Shakedown

Yesterday, Grady Hendrix dropped a bombshell over on Kaiju Shakedown, one of the premier Asian film blogs on there on the tubes. As of this weekend, Kaiju Shakedown is no more.

Hendrix explains his reasons for calling it quits in this post:

As much as I’ve been the frontman for this blog, it also owes its existence to my editor, Alex Romanelli, who has fought the good fight behind the scenes, done a lot of heavy lifting that would have gotten my shirt dirty and who’s built this blog with me from the ground up. Alex is moving on from Variety and I don’t think it will be what he and I have always wanted it to be without both of us working on it, so I’ve decided to end it now rather than continue on without him.

As much as this sucks, I admire Hendrix’ integrity and desire to keep the site from jumping the shark. Best of luck to both Hendrix and Romanelli, and I hope this isn’t the last we hear from Hendrix. His reviews and coverage of Asian film was always refreshing, striking the right balance between snarkiness and passion (just read his reviews if you want proof).

Hopefully, Hendrix’ writing and coverage will reappear elsewhere on the Web, and soon.

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