New Subscriber Playlist: “My High School Soundtrack”

Subscribers can listen to a sample soundtrack of my life circa 1991 – 1994.
Omaha North High
Omaha North High, home of the Vikings (Omaha Public Schools)

School is in full swing, pandemic or no, so it seemed like a good time to delve back into the songs that typified the era when music really began to matter to me, i.e., high school. As you might imagine, “My High School Soundtrack” is pure nostalgia, which inevitably means some potentially embarrassing selections. But I have to be honest about those tumultuous four years, during which I first began to understand the solace and understanding that can be found in music, and discovered artists and albums that I still love and cherish, even decades after the fact.

Accompanying the playlist is the latest episode of my “Playlist Breakdown” podcast, in which I spotlight one of the playlist’s songs and why it’s so special and meaningful. In this episode, I talk about “A Letter to Elise,” a heart-wrenching ballad from The Cure’s Wish that’s absolute catnip for angst-ridden teenagers (and mope-prone fortysomethings).

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