New Subscriber Playlist: “The Blackest of Gazes”

Subscribers can listen to a selection of songs from the “blackgaze” genre in all of their extreme beauty.
The Blackest of Gazes

On paper, the “shoegaze” and “black metal” genres would appear to have nothing in common. But they’re both focused on overwhelming the listener with sound to the point that the external world fades away and all that’s left is the music and its emotional effect. This month’s playlist — titled “The Blackest of Gazes” — features 14 songs that occupy that liminal space between shoegaze and black metal and revel in extremes and abound in extreme beauty.

Accompanying the playlist is the latest episode of my“Playlist Breakdown” podcast, in which I spotlight one of the playlist’s songs and why it’s so special, interesting, and/or meaningful. In this latest episode, I discuss “Less Human,” a searing song about personal suffering and hope by Daygraves, a Texas-based solo project.

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