New July Skies song: “Fête In The Rain (6876 Version)”

Antony Harding (the man behind July Skies) recently tweeted about a brand new July Skies song… which, of course, caused me to stop dead in my tracks and check it out as soon as I could.

Titled “Fête In The Rain (6876 Version),” it’s got the characteristic July Skies tone and feel — i.e., bucolically nostalgic in all the right places, due in large part to Harding’s layered, delay-drenched guitars. As with a good deal of the July Skies catalog, listening to the song feels like a favorite memory that is in the process of fading away to the periphery of your consciousness until all that remains is the memory of a memory. In other words, a bittersweet and poignant experience, to say the least.

The song has a bit of a demo‑y feel to it, due in large part to the programmed drums. However, there’s a note that the “original” version of the song will appear on an upcoming July Skies EP titled Observe The Weather that will be released on November 6, 2011. A second release, titled A Day in the Country, is also in the works, though no release date has been announced for that as far as I know.

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