New from The Radio Dept.: “Freddie and the Trojan Horse”

Sweden’s Labrador continues their streak of being the world’s finest pop label with ​“Freddie and the Trojan Horse,” the latest single from The Radio Dept.

Musically, it’s got everything you’ve come to know and love from the band: namely, plenty of 80’s sonic nostalgia thanks to gauzy vocals, drum machines, and evocative synth melodies. However, the song’s a little edgier and darker than the material on Pet Grief, which makes sense when you know that the band is singing, not about long-lost loves and youthful wistfulness, but rather about .”..the untruthfulness of the Swedish right-wing government and how the leading party seized power by portraying itself as supportive of the workers.”

The Freddie and the Trojan Horse single will be released on June 4, and the band’s next full-length, Clinging To A Scheme, will be released on September 10.

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