New from The Declining Winter: Haunt the Upper Hallways

The Declining Winter

As I type this, it’s 84 degrees and sunny — in other words, a picture perfect day in May. But I just heard some cuts from The Declining Winter’s new album and now, I’m suddenly missing October’s cool grey skies.

As you may know, The Declining Winter is Richard Adams, who along with his brother Chris, form the core of the mighty Hood, a longtime fave here at Opus HQ. As such, the new tracks — “Haunt The Upper Hallways” and “Hey EFD” — are pretty much what I was expecting, full of drifting, meandering guitars and violins, subtly shimmering keys, scattershot drums, and breathy, cryptic vocals. All in all, they’re sad, mopey, and pastoral songs, the kind of music that shouldn’t be released in summer, but rather, at the height of autumn or on the eve of winter’s first snowfall.

Regardless of the weather outside, though, I find that I can settle into this music quite nicely and cozily, much like you would with a comfy chair and a nice, warm beverage on a grey, blustery day.

Haunt The Upper Hallways will be released by Home Assembly Music on June 29 — click here to pre-order.

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