When it was first announced, Dark — Netflix’s first German original series — was compared to Stranger Things. Which was something of a misnomer. While it did have some ​‘80s nostalgia, Dark was quite a bit, well, darker, thanks to an ominous storyline involving kidnappings, time travel, corporate cover-ups, police corruption, family dysfunction, and perhaps even the devil himself.

It was also a good deal more convoluted, thanks to a large cast of characters — many of whom appear at different ages due to the series jumping back and forth between 2019, 1986, and 1953 — and numerous, intricately woven storylines set in the fictional town of Winden. (If you’d like an overview of Darks first season, read my review.)

Darks first season ended with characters even more far-flung in time, and a glimpse of a distant post-apocalyptic future. Not surprisingly, the first teaser for Darks second season is plenty cryptic, even if you were a fan of season one. Darks second season begins streaming on Netflix on June 21, and suffice to say, things are going to get even darker (sorry) for the residents of Winden.