My Favorite (FB)

Last week, I tweeted that Ester Drang’s recent announcement was the first great bit of music news in 2016. Well, here’s the second: My Favorite is back, and they’re planning to release a new single on Death Party Records.

Actually, My Favorite has apparently been back for awhile now… a development that the Internet somehow forgot to notify me about. (You should all be ashamed of yourselves.) Back in 2014, the band released Second Empire / Dance With A Stranger, two absolutely sterling pop songs that revealed that Michael Grace Jr.‘s ability to channel ​‘80s pop music sounds and teenage angst was still as potent as ever.

I mean, just listen to ​“Second Empire” as Grace sings of being frozen in a teenage holocaust over and against chiming guitars, synthesizer arpeggios, some reggae-ish rhythms, and even some woozy saxophone for good measure. I’m fast approaching forty years of age but the part of me that’s still an awkward, music-obsessed sixteen-year-old is absolutely loving it. Who knows… he might even be adding it to a mixtape.