More DVD Lovin’


HKFlix is now announcing preorders for Versus, which might just be the greatest yakuza/zombie/kung fu movie of all time. There are 3 versions to choose from, so pick your poison. There’s the standard “R‑Rated Version” ($13.95), the “Director’s Cut” ($16.95), and the “2‑Disc Special Edition” ($22.95). You can probably guess which one I’m getting.

Also, AICN reports that 3 more Miyazaki films will be released on DVD by year’s end; Porco Rosso, Nausicaa, and one other one that hasn’t been named. I sort of hope that it’ll be Whisper of the Heart, which I just recently saw and fell in love with. However, I don’t really care so long as it means more Miyazaki for us here in the States.

Read more about Versus.
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