Minikon wants to give you to some Rare Candy

When I last wrote about Minikon’s music, it was early 2008 and I was listening to (the aptly titled) Hope while sitting in my wife’s hospital room as we waited for the arrival of our first child. It’s now June of 2011, and Denty One is back with a slew of music.

First, previous Minikon albums have been reissued via Bandcamp on East Gate Sound. Second, Minikon returns with Rare Candy, a collection of remixes by various Japanese and American artists as well as some previously unreleased Minikon material. While I’m partial to the original material (e.g., the shimmering, ambient “Fireflies”), the remixes are certainly enjoyable, and keep in the joyous, upbeat, and shamelessly retro aesthetic that Minikon has cultivated over the years.

Third, Denty One has released Denty One Plays the Korg DS— 10, a collection of tracks that were composed on the Nintendo DSi’s Korg DS-10 software. Finally, a new Minikon album titled Love Wins is due out sometime this year, also on East Gate Sound.