Me So Sleepy

First up, there 2 new movie reviews waiting for you. And expect a few more in the next couple of days, including a review of “Shaolin Soccer”! I should also have some new band photos up, as well. Yeah!!!

If you go to Unwed Sailor’s website, you’ll find an MP3 off their upcoming 3″ CD on Absalom. It sounds pretty nice, almost folky.

The new Hood album came out this week. It will soon be mind. And why do I still not have a copy of the new Joy Electric album?!? I’m such a loser.

There’s a new trailer for The Royal Tenenbaums on the movie’s website. Man, I really want to see this flick. I loved, loved, loved Rushmore, and the buzz on this one has been incredible.

I’m sure there’s other cool stuff that I’ve come across recently, but I can’t remember. Good night.