Makeup & Vanity Set Announces New Wavehymnal EP

The EP takes the band’s darkly cinematic sound out onto the dance floor.

Approximately one year after releasing Wilderness, Makeup & Vanity Set has announced their latest slab of synthesizer magic: the Wavehymnal EP will be released next week on Data Airlines. From the official announcement: “[Wavehymnal] sustains the dark mood of MAVS’ previous releases while making it more accessible to dance floors, as opposed to the more soundtrack-influence compositions usually found in the Synthwave genre.”

That dancier approach is apparent on “Stalker,” the EP’s first single. It’s arguably the funkiest thing that Matthew Pusti has recorded to date, with crisp beats, cut-up vocals, and plenty of slap bass synth hearkening back to 7.5.2148 (the first Makeup & Vanity Set release I ever heard). But then, in the song’s final moments, some eerie, Wilderness-esque synth melodies come creeping in to end the song with an icier, more cinematic edge.

As an added bonus, here’s a short, suitably ominous Wavehymnal promo video.

Click here to preorder Wavehymnal as a digital download, 12″ vinyl, or cassette.

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