Makeup & Vanity Set Announces New Wavehymnal EP

The EP takes the band’s darkly cinematic sound out onto the dance floor.

Approximately one year after releasing Wilderness, Makeup & Vanity Set has announced their latest slab of synthesizer magic: the Wavehymnal EP will be released next week on Data Airlines. From the official announcement: “[Wavehymnal] sustains the dark mood of MAVS’ previous releases while making it more accessible to dance floors, as opposed to the more soundtrack-influence compositions usually found in the Synthwave genre.”

That dancier approach is apparent on ​“Stalker,” the EP’s first single. It’s arguably the funkiest thing that Matthew Pusti has recorded to date, with crisp beats, cut-up vocals, and plenty of slap bass synth hearkening back to 7.5.2148 (the first Makeup & Vanity Set release I ever heard). But then, in the song’s final moments, some eerie, Wilderness-esque synth melodies come creeping in to end the song with an icier, more cinematic edge.

As an added bonus, here’s a short, suitably ominous Wavehymnal promo video.

Click here to preorder Wavehymnal as a digital download, 12″ vinyl, or cassette.