Madmen and Manga

Wanna hear something cool? Click here and check out some clips from the new Aphex Twin album, Drukqs. I can’t wait for this; the clips sound absolutely amazing. And here’s an interesting interview with the Twin himself, Richard D. James. Not only does he rebuff Madonna’s request for remix help (“Her whole career’s been like, Oh, they’re the trendy person of the moment, I’ll work with them to make me younger.‘”), but he also appears to be building quite the arsenal.

I just picked up the first volume of Blade of the Immortal. Yeah, I know I’m behind on this one, so all of you manga nuts can keep quiet. Anyhow… it’s pretty solid but not as impressive as I thought it was. Dark Horse is putting out some fine stuff, including the entire Akira series and Oh My Goddess!. And what’s with this Nausicaa box set???

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