MacKaye and McCartney

Here’s a fairly clueless article about “Christian” music. Did this person even check out any of these bands mentioned, or did they just browse through Sonicnet for a few minutes? Who knew Low and Staind would be mentioned in the same article? And who knew you could find Minor Threat fans at Promise Keepers?

Why didn’t I post this sooner? The Onion A.V. Club just posted their “Least Essential Albums of 2001.” I thought I heard some duds this year… guess I need to check out 3rd Faze and SHeDAISY.

And on a sad note, inmates and teenage boys everywhere were devastated to learn that Britney Spears won’t be posing nude for a PETA poster. The article’s most telling quote? “When does Britney ever cover up totally, anyway?” So true…

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