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Lovesliescrushing’s girl. echo. suns. veils. (Burlap Edition)


Earlier this year, Projekt released the ​“wood box” edition of girl. echo. suns. veils., a two-disc collection of rarities, b-sides, and unreleased tracks that came in lovely hand-crafted wooden box packaging. But, seeing as how it was a limited edition release, a number of fans and collectors missed out on owning this little slice of blissed out esoterica. Which is why Projekt is now offering the ​“burlap” edition of girl. echo. suns. veils., or as they put it, a ​“limited edition of the standard edition.”

Many of you missed out on a chance to purchase the wood box edition of girl. echo. suns. veils. But fret not! Scott Cortez has returned to Brooklyn to create 200 pieces of the ultra-limited ​“burlap” edition of the standard edition.

Here’s what you get: the girl. echo. suns. veils. CD in a kraft-paper digipak signed and hand-numbered by Scott (see below). An 8-page booklet printed on really nice 80# Cougar matte stock is included in the digipak pocket. All of this is in a clear bag inside a burlap bag that Scott spray-painted in our warehouse during a heatwave (in your choice of paint colors: burgundy or metallic silver). Each bag is different; no two are alike! Also in the bag are multicolored origami birds, feathers, and a download code for the companion album AVIATRIX, a reprocessed version of Avianium (the bonus album in the wood box edition.)

And if you miss out on this edition of girl. echo. suns. veils., Projekt will be releasing the ​“standard” edition — which consists of just the album in normal packaging — on August 10 2010.

You can also purchase girl. echo. suns. veils. from iTunes (or, view all of lovesliescrushing’s albums in iTunes).

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