Yet another sweet tidbit found courtesy of the Vagrants… Two tracks from lovesliescrushing’s next album, Chorus, are available on the band’s MySpace page. The tracks are entitled “Fllrium” and “Unamee”, and despite continuing the band’s love of alien-sounding titles, represent a departure of sorts for the band.

In the past, lovesliescrushing’s sound has always been identified by its lack of drums and its reliance on Scott Cortez’ skill at wreaking all manner of beautiful sonic mayhem from his guitar. If you don’t believe me, just check out Glissceule.

However, lovesliescrushing is ditching the axe for Chorus and going completely a cappella, using only the human voice (with considerable amounts of effects and manipulation, of course). Cortez himself describes it as some of the band’s most beautiful — and strangest — music.

The tracks are quite surreal, and I have to admit, it’s a bit odd hearing a lovesliescrushing track that isn’t slathered in layers of feedback, swirling guitar effects, and tape hiss. “Fllrium” is quite ghostly and celestial, evoking deep, dark areas of empty space. “Unamee” is slightly less haunting, those there’s definitely something eerie and surreal about its beauty as it slowly unfurls itself. Once again, Cortez proves to be quite adept at twisting, bending, and shaping sounds — these don’t sound like the product of human voices at all, but rather, of something far more ethereal and otherworldly.

There’s no mention of a release date on the Wavertone website, just a listing under the “Coming Soon” column along with a release from Lochheed, the new project from Adam and Catherine Cooper of Alison’s Halo (one of the great unknown shoegazer bands).

Lochheed’s music is much more beat-oriented, blending crisp, drum n’ bass-type beats with all manner of swirly guitar textures and sounds (an “exploration of guitar and beat manipulations” according to the band’s bio). Unfortunately, only looping snippets are available for listening so I don’t think we’re getting the full scope of the band’s sound.

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