“Prelude” by Lo Pan

Final Fantasy VII + Synthwave = Nostalgic music goodness.

Final Fantasy VII is back in a big way, thanks to the recently announced, and long-awaited, remake. So it seems only fitting that I just now discover Midgar, a 2018 EP by Glasgow producer Lo Pan that combines the game’s inimitable soundtrack with modern electronic and synthwave flourishes.

The best example of this is Lo Pan’s take on ​“Prelude,” the game’s iconic theme that was originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Lo Pan takes Uematsu’s ethereal arpeggios and stirring melodies and sets them to a driving beat. The result is not unlike the anthemic music you might hear on an album by The Midnight. All that’s missing is a scorching guitar or sax solo.

As with anything Final Fantasy VII-related, your appreciation of Lo Pan’s Midgar will likely depend (in part, anyway) on how nostalgic you feel towards the original game. That being said, a track like ​“Prelude” has enough attitude and atmosphere to be enjoyable in its own right, even if you don’t know your Cloud Strife from your Zack Fair.