Listen to a Track from Sinoia Caves’ Beyond the Black Rainbow Soundtrack

Beyond the Black Rainbow - Panos Cosmatos

While certainly not without its flaws — i.e., it would’ve worked better as a 30-minute short than as a full-length feature — there’s no denying that Beyond The Black Rainbow had style and atmosphere to spare, thanks to Panos Cosmatos’ incredible visuals. However, Jeremy Schmidt’s soundtrack was a major part of the film’s engrossing aesthetic, too. Recording under the Sinoia Caves moniker, Schmidt drew inspiration from the vintage synth-work of Tangerine Dream, Wendy Carlos, and John Carpenter to create an ominous-yet-evocative score for the sci-fi/horror film.

Jagjaguwar will be releasing Beyond The Black Rainbow’s soundtrack on September 2. You can listen to its first “single,” titled “Forever Dilating Eye,” below.

And if you’re curious as to what a movie with such music might look like, here’s the film’s trailer.