Listen to a Track from Sinoia Caves’ Beyond the Black Rainbow Soundtrack

Beyond the Black Rainbow - Panos Cosmatos

While certainly not without its flaws — i.e., it would’ve worked better as a 30-minute short than as a full-length feature — there’s no denying that Beyond The Black Rainbow had style and atmosphere to spare, thanks to Panos Cosmatos’ incredible visuals. However, Jeremy Schmidt’s soundtrack was a major part of the film’s engrossing aesthetic, too. Recording under the Sinoia Caves moniker, Schmidt drew inspiration from the vintage synth-work of Tangerine Dream, Wendy Carlos, and John Carpenter to create an ominous-yet-evocative score for the sci-fi/horror film.

Jagjaguwar will be releasing Beyond The Black Rainbows soundtrack on September 2. You can listen to its first ​“single,” titled ​“Forever Dilating Eye,” below.

And if you’re curious as to what a movie with such music might look like, here’s the film’s trailer.