Listen to mewithoutYou’s Blistering New Nebraska-Themed Single

The band’s next full-length, “Pale Horses,” will be released on June 16.
 (Amie Santavicca)

Earlier this month, I wrote that mewithoutYou is releasing a new album titled Pale Horses. A few days ago, the band dropped the album’s first single, and it’s a doozy — and I’m not just saying that because the song’s lyrics contain numerous Nebraska references.

“Red Cow” is a fine example of mewithoutYou’s brand of post-hardcore: Yes, it alternates between spoken word and Aaron Weiss’ raw screams, and yes, the music is full of quiet/loud dynamics. But I’ve always enjoyed unpacking Weiss’ cryptic lyrics (“Red Cow” places Old Testament imagery alongside snapshots of the Nebraska countryside) and the band’s music is layered and full of textures, and is far more interesting than your typical emo/hardcore fare.

Suffice to say, it’s a very good sign of things to come when Pale Horses comes out on June 16 on Run For Cover Records.