Listen to It All

Lots of good music out there people… First of all, if you haven’t downloaded the live Avalanches mix at, you really should. Other great bands that have been flooring me lately… The Clientele, Au Revoir Borealis, Do Make Say Think, Múm, Cocteau Twins (oldie but a goodie), and Sonogram. Some of these have been reviewed, some will be reviewed, but they’re worth mentioning multiple times.

Does anyone in the music industry know what they’re going? Could that loss in record sales they attribute to file-sharing and downloading really come from the crappy music that they foist on the public? And God forbid that those nasty downloaders are actually increasing music sales!

Also, if you missed it, last week saw a voluntary blackout of Web radio to protest legislation that would increase rates for their broadcasts. This legislation would effectively bankrupt a ton of independant radio stations. As can be expected, Neumu’s got some good stuff on this one.

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