This may sound strange, seeing as how I’m from Nebraska, but I’ve never really cared too much for Bright Eyes. I’ve always shrugged off the hype, laughed at the accolades, and been bored silly at his shows.

Until tonight, that is.

I just got back from seeing Bright Eyes kick off their North American tour, and oh my… Conor Oberst (along with 13 others) delivered a stunning set that finally (at least for me) delivered on all of the praise that’s been heaped on this guy for the past couple of years.

I have to be honest… music’s been kind of boring for me in recent days. Lately, each new CD always seems to be a disappointment. Which makes it harder and harder to write reviews, because I see no point in writing about stuff I couldn’t care less about.

At times like these, I find myself looking for something to give me a kick in the pants, so to speak… to rekindle the flame. Something to remind me why I appreciate music so much, to remind me that there are good, honest, powerful songs being written.

I think tonight was it. Pictures are forthcoming.

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